Put Your Passion On The Plate

PasarBella Traders are unique and passionate individuals that are looking for a platform to showcase their culinary talents. If you think you have what it takes to become a resident tenant, contact us today and we’ll help you make your culinary dreams come true!

Use The Event Space

Is this you?

We’re a great place to hold parties of all sorts; be it your child’s 6th birthday, your friend’s grand uncle’s 60th birthday, your parent’s anniversary, a company event or even just a random get-together tea session, you’ll find the perfect venue that exudes a warm and inviting ambience for great memories to be made.

Simply email us and we’ll send you a form to fill in and voilà!

You’ll have a party venue ready for use on the date available!

Kindly note that your booking needs to be made at least 5 working days in advance and the event programme should end by 9pm.

See you soon!

Use the PasarBella Event Space