Be A Resident Trader

PasarBella traders are unique and passionate individuals that primary-source their wares. If this is you, we'd be glad to see how we could slot you into our farmers market.

Be A Pop Up

Our Pop-Up traders are small businesses that just need a moment in the spotlight to help give their start-up ventures a boost to success. If this is you, contact us! We have extremely affordable 3 month contracts to help you grow!

Be A Weekender

Weekend traders are at the start of their adventure – a small business often testing the market with their individual products.

Use The Event Space

We’re a great place to hold parties of all sorts; be it your child’s 6th birthday, your parents’ anniversary, or even just a random get-together tea session, you’ll find the perfect venue that exudes a warm and inviting ambience for great memories to be made.

Have a Photoshoot

At PasarBella, we’re honoured and glad to be the chosen venue for numerous pre-wedding and save-the-date photo shoots, as well as business shoots and filming for commercial purposes.

Suntec Nourishment

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WOLF Burgers

From the team of Carvers & Co, WOLF Burgers brings the same no-nonsense flavours and attention to detail to the gourmet scene.

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Rollie Olie

In true Californian fashion, Rollie Olie brings a fresh breeze to the Japanese food scene.

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Sarnies Coffee

All our beans are roasted in-house to ensure that you'll get the freshest coffee daily.

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Pimp My Salad

Pimp My Salad offers an array of healthy vegetable, meat and grain options allowing visitors to construct their own salads from scratch.

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Pita and Olives

At Pita & Olives we serve delicious and healthy Mediterranean food combined with traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. We are not compromising on the quality of our food for we believe in serving the finest and best ingredients for you. we sell vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

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Cajun On Wheels

In true American fashion, Cajun on Wheels takes on the spirit of a gourmet food truck.

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Grilllo, a newly launched concept in Singapore, serves up a modern take on the familiar Pan-Asian comfort food: Rice Bowls. Going against the grain of tradition, Grilllo’s distinctive flavours will leave you wanting more, whether it’s our Signature Bowls, Skewers, or Sides.

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Squeezed! is all about making wholesome foods convenient, fun and enjoyable.

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Choo Choo Chicken

Choo Choo Chicken injecting new life into Singapore's current craze for Korean Fried Chicken.

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